Telstra Future Retail

The Brief

Create a new store concept that embodies Telstra’s transformation from ‘Telco’ to ‘Tech-co’ and presents a premium Telstra branded experience.

The Work

My role was focused on developing the in-store marketing messaging across printed material, signage, and digital marketing.

A ‘prototype store’ was built in an old telephone exchange building, and we conducted several iterations of customer testing. Working with research partner, we employed high-tech methods (eye-tracking goggles!) to find out what customers really looked for in their Telstra store experience.

With complexity being the norm for Telcos, the research insights screamed for "less is more". With this in mind, we employed a simple, human approach in all store messaging centred on the customer’s needs at the right point in their journey. 

The first live store opened at Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia on March 28 2018. The concept is now being rolled out progressively to the entire national retail footprint.


Agency credits:
Brand: Interbrand
Design: ACRD
Production: Wellcom Worldwide
Digital: Engagis
Translation: Multiconnections

180418 Store Opening Pics - Shopfront 2.jpg